Ningxia yinchuan river nc machine tool co., LTD., is 1965, according to central strategy to strengthen the construction of three wire Shen Yangzhong express people's friendship factory set auger workshop moved to ningxia.
The river numerical control machine tool co., LTD. (former river machine tool plant) is one of the earliest manufacturers in domestic production and processing center. Production: vertical drilling machine, honing machine, machine tool, the river river CNC, machining center, the river river honing river in 1969, set out to develop hexagonal turret type CNC boring and milling machine, 1976 test first THK6363 horizontal machining center; Introduced in 1984 from miyun machine tool research institute of technical drawings, vertical machining center and the joint design TH6350 horizontal machining center, in the same year to produce 2 sets TH5632 vertical machining center, through the technical acceptance and technical appraisal, one of them to stay in the factory to use up to now, the other so

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